“Queen’s Requiem”
Writer: Michael Fleisher
Artists: Jan Duursema and Tom Mandrake

Shamballah is still in chaos due to the evil eclipse. Morgan is riding through the city and finds a strange figure standing over a fallen body. He finds out it is the Scavenger now transformed. The Scavenger has been stealing souls and almost gets Morgan’s. He flees and Morgan goes back to the palace to recover from his encounter. Meanwhile Jennifer tells Tara that the evil is located in the volcano and Tara decides to confront it. She gets some amulet and ring of truth to help her. So she goes to the volcano and confronts the Scavenger who overpowers her. Later Morgan is awakened by a cloaked figure that attacks him. He manages to throw the figure out the window and finds out that it was Tara. He cradles her in his arms saying “I killed her.”

In a subplot Mariah has traveled out of the eclipse and finds a cave. Going in she finds out that it leads to Siberia. A pteranodon has followed and attacks a group of soldiers. Mariah goes and saves them by killing the pteranodon. Now the Soviet soldiers show their gratitude by arresting her and taking her to the KGB.

Well some interesting things happened in this issue. Khnathaiti needs souls to grow strong so the Scavenger is gathering them. The Scavenger also has an infatuation with Tara and has been promised her body. He seems to have taken her soul and Morgan has accidentally killed her in a fight. A good cliffhanger to end the story. Also Mariah is back in the Soviet Union which was an intriguing idea. One thing I didn’t like is them getting rid of the large two page splash title picture that has always been a part of Warlord. But this series was coming to a close so its quality will soon be plummeting.


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