“When the Lawgiver Returns…”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Mike Ploog

Night in Ape City and the current administrator is unsure what to do about the growing unrest between humans and apes. He is visited by Brutus and his hooded ape followers who murder him and mount him on a cross in the city square. Now apes blame humans. Meanwhile the Lawgiver with his friends Jason, Alexander and Malaguena leave the riverboat Simian to make it to Ape City. Along the way they come on a group of humans fleeing the violence. The Lawgiver convinces them to return with him. When they arrive they find the city on the verge of open warfare between humans and apes. The Lawgiver manages to calm things down and plans on a speech tomorrow.

Brutus hears of this and goes to win the apes over to his side. He debates the Lawgiver and loses. So as a loser Brutus has his followers attack. They wound the Lawgiver and Jason manages to capture him and is going to beat him to death. Only he is restrained and Brutus is banished from the city. This enrages Jason that the killer of his parents is allowed to live. He turns on his friends and leaves Ape City.

“Outlines of Tomorrow: A Chronology of the Planet of the Apes”
By Jim Whitmore

An attempt to outline the history of the Planet of the Apes. Starting in 1973 to 3976 and using all five movies the TV series and the Marvel Comics. I found it an interesting attempt to outline the history with some logical attempts at speculating the history.

“The Hell of Holocaust”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Alfredo Alcala

The ape army has arrived at the ruins of Manhattan and invaded. The mutants prepare to detonate the doomsday bomb. Taylor and Brent attempt to stop them. Along the way they run into a group of armed gorillas and Nova is killed. This unhinges Taylor who wants the whole world to be blown up. Brent convinces him to go on. At the temple Ursus shoots the mutant leader and plans to tear down the bomb over Dr. Zaius objections. Brent and Taylor arrive to stop them and Brent is shot. Taylor pleads with Zaius to help but Zaius refuses. Taylor is shot but before he dies he pushes the button that destroys the world.

The Terror storyline is back and now the Lawgiver finds his city rife with hate. The humans and apes are ready to go at each other but the Lawgiver manages to convince everyone to live in peace. Brutus is defeated but still lives to cause trouble. Jason is also consumed with hate and turns on his friends to continue to pursue his revenge. A story still relevant today. Too bad it isn’t as simple as a good speech to resolve everything.

The chronology was a good attempt to organize everything that has happened to date on the Planet of the Apes. I found it very helpful.

Finally the end of the Beneath the Planet of the Apes adaptation. It adopts the original screenplay so we get a look at what was originally envisioned. The main difference seemed to have Taylor threaten to push the button instead of accidentally fall on the lever. The movie had to have had the most pessimistic ending in cinema history. Still I enjoyed the movie and its adaptation.

The trailer to the movie.

And the final ending.


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