“Vampire Academy 4”
Writers: Todd Livingston & Nick Capetanakis
Artists: Brendon & Brian Fraim

Shane Slasher who runs the blog has come to Sonya Devereaux’s apartment for an interview. They watch her just released movie Vampire Academy 4. In it she is Elsbeth who is a senior at Bathory Academy. This is a school run for young female vampires. She has her two besties Anela and Caroline. Their nemesis is Scarlett who is the head of Borga House Sorority. So the first class has been given to the famous vampire teacher Dr. Damien Filius. The first assignment is for the girls to seduce and kill someone.

So the three girls go to the local pizza joint and manage to get the attention of some jocks. Anela and Caroline have no problem with taking out their jocks. But Elsbeth gets the geeky but handsome Derek and falls in love with him. So they leave but can’t find Caroline. Caroline was captured by vampire hunter Jack Stone who just joined the police and his partner. They torture Caroline for the info on the location of the academy. Later Caroline escapes and makes it back to her friends. They decide to have a threeway lesbian in the bath. This delays the two vampire hunters since they had planted a tracking device in Caroline’s fangs but decide to watch a little longer first.

So Jack Stone and his partner spring the trap. They manage to kill the bitchy Scarlett and are going to win but Derek comes to the rescue. Seems he wasn’t getting a response for his five texts in one hour. His arrival distracts the hunters long enough for the girls the take out the hunters. The academy is safe and Elsbeth and Derek continue their relationship.

“Interview with Sonya Devereaux”
By Shane Slasher

An interview with Sonya. We find out she doesn’t always get paid for her movies. The secret to her success is sleeping with the right people and that she would be a surgeon or Special Ops if not an actress.

So you know the vampires must not be able to manage their money that well. They can barely afford clothing for their students. This was just hilarious. Sonya is your typical dumb blonde. The interview was also hilarious. This series is just a great spoof of B-movies. Having the geeky blogger do an interview was a fun story device to really showcase Sonya’s moonbatery. Plus you get a hot lesbian scene so what more do you need in a comic book.


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