Writers: Marguerite Bennett and Christina Trujillo
Artist: Maria Sanapo

Sheena and her two friends Chano and Lirio survive the explosion. They gather up the pieces to the temple face and start to take it back to the site of the original temple. There it will stop the rot that is effecting Mother Forest. First they run into Caldwell and his security man who want payback for their destroyed facility. Sheena’s grandmother comes and saves them with Laura being left behind as Caldwell escapes. Then Sheena and her grandmother must battle a remaining monster and they manage to defeat it together. But the grandmother has a falling out with Sheena because she is friends with Chano a Cowodi. Finally the three make it to the original temple site and Sheena uses her mystical knife to fuse the stone face together and thus stop the rot. At the end Laura wounded is found by the corrupt police captain. She has proof that Sheena is Caldwell’s long lost granddaughter.

So the first series in Dynamite’s take on Sheena comes to an end. I enjoyed it. It had it’s up and down moments but on the whole I found it entertaining. It set up the world of Sheena and her friends. Also her enemies. The big revelation about Caldwell should make for interesting future stories since he just tortured and tried to kill his granddaughter. The rift with her grandmother has some interesting future potential. Not to mention the continuing threat to the jungle from tampering with the mystical safeguards of the First People. I hope they continue with another series in the future.

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