Writers: Marguerite Bennett and Christina Trujillo
Artists: Maria Sanapo and Vincenzo Acunzo

Three monsters have come through the temple dimensional portal. Lirio and Chano are locked in the room where the monsters are impervious to gunfire. This angers Sheena so much that she is able to break through the bulletproof but not Sheenaproof glass in her holding cell. Sheena figures out a way to hurt the monsters. Our world’s weapons have no effect but weapons from their dimension would probably hurt them. So she tears off a fang from one of the monsters and uses it quite effectively. As this goes on Caldwell, Laura and his security men are running from one of the escaped monsters. In addition the local head of the countries secret police is coming to investigate. Laura panics and sets off the explosives hidden in the chamber with the temple.

Well this was an exciting issue with lots of action. Sheena is a real badass as she ignores the shocker on her wrist to break out of her cell. Then crawls into one of the monster’s mouths and rip out it’s tooth to kill it. That is pretty cool. Ends with an explosion so you want to read the next issue to see what happens.

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