“The Frost Giant’s Daughter”
Writer: Roy Thomas based on story by Robert E. Howard
Artist: Barry Smith

A reprint from Savage Tales #1.

“The Sword and the Sorcerers!”
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: Barry Smith

Starr the Slayer is battling Trull the wizard. As he battles we cut to a man waking up screaming. It is Len Carson who writes the popular adventures of Skarr the Slayer. He has nightmares and decides to kill off his character to end them. Only as he walks to mail the manuscript the real Skarr is somehow transported to his world. He kills Carson to save his own life.

So this issue reprints the classic REH story that appeared in Savage Tales. Since that issue had a low circulation this probably was not read by many people. It received a new splash page and some alteration to make it more suitable with the comics code.

The second was a fun story idea. Having a Conan like character appear in the real world to save himself by killing his creator. A unique idea and an enjoyable back up to this issue.

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