Writers: Marguerite Bennett and Christina Trujillo
Artist: Maria Sanapo

Sheena and her friend Lirio are confronted by the mysterious huntress. She is anxious to find out if Sheena has a mark on her wrist. The three get into a fight and the huntress finds the mark. She reveals that she is Sheena’s grandmother. That her daughter was taken with other young children by outsiders. She searched for her daughter and finally found that she died in a plane crash. But she has heard of the blonde haired girl who has defended Mother Forest. She also claims she is not responsible for the blight that is affecting the forest.

Meanwhile at Cadwell industries a group is trying to break into a temple but some power always disintegrates the men trying to break in. Cadwell is very impatient and threatens his chief of security who comes up with the idea that Sheena could open the door. So he goes out and captures Sheena and Lirio.

So Sheena has a grandmother and I have to say she has really aged well. Doesn’t look like a grandmother at all. We also find out that the evil Cadwell corporation is once again up to no good. Messing around with stuff they shouldn’t be messing with. So Sheena and her friend get captured and her grandmother is once again real angry. Also a nice glimpse into Sheena’s past.

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