“Clouds of War!”
Writer: Michael Fleisher
Artists: Art Thibert & Pablo Marcos

Morgan leads the Shamballahs in opposing an invasion by their former ally Khaambuka. Morgan manages early on to subdue the general and get a truce. He learns they blame Shamballah for a devastating catapult attack on their city. Later Morgan wanders alone and comes on some advanced group of men mining. They shoot at him with lasers and cause a rock slide that knocks him out. Jennifer and Kara review the tapes in Arion’s monument and find out that the demon they faced is named Azmyrkon. He was defeated by Arion and locked in a crystal. His power scepter was broken up into three pieces. Now the demon is attempting to recover his scepter. The first stop takes them to a volcano and the demon kicks the two girl’s ass. Machiste still resists going to war with Shamballah never suspecting that the Tara he keeps company with is in fact Y’smalla and the one responsible for all the attacks. The real Tara manages to escape from her dungeon. Redmond steals the cure for the condition that turned him into a beast and kills some innocents along the way. At the end Desaad introduces a new power element to power Darkseid’s weapons. The source is located in Skartaris.

So once again multiple subplots abound. I did find the issue went fast and I can understand what’s going on so the multiple subplots seem to be working. It is also interesting and I especially loved how Tara managed to escape by grabbing the whip of her abusive jailer. Also Jennifer and Kara are a good fit for a team and this plot has my interest. Unfortunately the big war is coming to a close in the next annual. It involves Darkseid and the New Gods so we are still getting into way too much superhero action in this series. Good news is most of the subplots are coming to a close.

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