“Editorial in a Zone Forbidden”
By Don McGregor

An editorial on his time at the Academy of Comic Book Arts. How beautiful the main story looks and rambles on about other stuff.

“Malaguena Beyond the Zone Forbidden”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Mike Ploog

So Gunpowder Julius and Steely Dan agree to take the Lawgiver, Jason and Alexander back home on their riverboat Simian.Along the way they have to fight off giant mutant frogs. They come on a settlement of gypsies composed of both humans and apes. At first they are greeted with suspicion but are invited to dinner. Things go fine until a jealous chimp named Grimaldi hits Jason for flirting with Malaguena a human girl. The gypsy leader Mama Lena has the two fight with knives to the death. Jason defeats Grimaldi but refuses to kill him. Then a laser blasts Grimaldi for Brutus has arrived with the mutants.

“Urko Unleased”
By Chris Claremont

An interview with Mark Leonard who plays General Urko on the TV series. Talks about how he got the part and working long hours in ape makeup.

“Ape for a Day”
By Samuel James Maronie

An article on how Maronie was able to be cast as a mutant extra in the Battle movie. It talks about his time on set and observing the ape makeup process.

“The Secret”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: George Tuska & Mike Esposito

Taylor, Zira and Cornelius are showing Dr. Zaius what they found in the cave. The evidence doesn’t point to a pre-ape society until Nova sets off the human doll that talks. Taylor decides to take off with Nova after a philosophical conversation with Zaius on the nature of man. He rides down the beach and finds the truth. That he is back on Earth for there is the remains of the Statue of Liberty.

Well another good issue. The terror series continues to get interesting with the find of a gypsy camp. A glimpse back to Ape city shows that humans and apes are on the verge of open warfare. Seems that apes and humans get along fine everywhere else. The relationship between Grimaldi and Malaguena is just wrong. Apes and humans should not get together. That is just weird. Ends on a cliffhanger as usual.

The articles were good. Another interview with someone involved with the TV series. The one about his experiences at the water treatment plant for the scene from Battle was also interesting and showed what it was like filming there.

Finally the movie adaptation comes to its end. This was one of the most brilliant endings for a movie and set the standards for twist ending.

The big reveal.

The trailer for the movie.

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