Writers: Marguerite Bennett and Christina Trujillo
Artist: Maria Sanapo

Sheena is finding a rot spreading among the trees and fruit of Mother Forest. So she goes back to her village and shows it to her friend Lirio who is the plant expert. The Chieftainess comes back and has news that a huntress is spreading the rot. She is also looking for Sheena. So Sheena and Lirio go in search of this huntress. While out they are attacked by a Mapinguari. A Mapinguari is a creature from legend that has four arms, a huge eye and a large mouth in it’s chest. Sheena’s weapons prove useless but Lirio finds poison flowers and throws them into its mouth. This kills it but now they have to face the mysterious huntress.

Another intriguing story. Sheena is despondent and blames herself for the face stealer incident. I really don’t see what she did wrong. Anyway we now have her friend accompanying her and introducing the Mapinguari. This was a creature established in the older series and is indeed a weird looking creature. It ends with the mysterious huntress that is searching for Sheena. I do love the new artist. She seems to capture what Sheena should look like.

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