“The Blade of Skath”
Writers: Amy Chu & Erik Brunham
Artists: Carlos Gomez & Vincenzo Federici

Sonja has found Skath only he is a drunk that nobody recognizes. So she hears his story. After he lost his blade he started drinking. He decided to go on a quest to find it but had no luck. When he returned he found Sandak had taken over. Skath was beaten and thrown in the gutter. Sonja and her two friends convince him to sober up. So they clean him up and present him to the people. The peasants are all hyped up and ready to fight. Only just before the big battle Skath falls off the wagon and is passed out drunk. So Sonja leads the peasants to overthrown Sandak. A big fight occurs with Sonja getting knocked into the moat. A moat that has a shark.

Well this story flowed nicely. We find Skath who is a has been and apparently still a drunk. Yet Sonja takes it on herself to free the people of Sandak who is a tool. His guests think that the battle is put on for their benefit. Also interesting that Sandak has enough money to bring a shark all the way to Cimmeria.

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