Writers: Marguerite Bennett and Christina Trujillo
Artist: Maria Sanapo

The Cadwell strip mining operation has unearthed hordes of face stealers. Bullets don’t effect them. Only Sheena’s knife seems to kill them. Luckily her tribe comes and their poisoned arrows and blow darts also kill them. Still the horde is endless and Sheena decides the only way to stop them is to close the door. So with the help of Chano they fight their way to the stone slab that kept them prisoner. They push it together but only Sheena’s knife can fuse the crack shut. Then the face stealers all die. The tribe is saved and Cadwell’s mercenaries are taken prisoner to be turned over authorities. Chano’s video will seriously hurt Cadwell’s reputation. At the end two tribesmen are observing Sheena and talk about not telling her the truth about her past. That a door has been opened and they do not know what will step through.

So this story comes to an exciting conclusion. Sheena saves the day and the face stealers and Cadwell’s mining operation are stopped. Yet it leaves us with a mystery about Sheena’s past and a very new threat that will probably come. An enjoyable story with beautiful art especially Sheena.

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