“The Blade of Skath”
Writers: Amy Chu & Erik Burnham
Artist: Carlos Gomez

So Lord Sandak has made an offer to Sonja and her companions to drive off the local villagers so he can rent out their homes. Lera is quick to accept the offer which really angers Sonja. So they go to the village to check it out. Once there they have to fight off some more rabid followers of Kulan Gath. Lera has an idea on talking Sandak out of his plan. So she goes to him and discusses the economical advantages to keeping the peasants so they grow cheap food while he just charges more to his guests. The reason they will charge more is to see Sonja in action. So this plan is accepted but once again Sonja is angry at Lera making agreements on her behalf. So she takes a walk and stumbles on a drunk. The drunk is Lord Skath.

This is an enjoyable story. Lera we know is carrying an amulet of Gath which is why his followers have no trouble finding them. Wisely she knows that will anger Sonja so keeps quiet. She does have a knack for talking her way out of situations. So at the end we find Lord Skath the man she was looking for only he is somewhat of a drunk. So where will this story go?

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