Writers: Marguerite Bennett and Christina Trujillo
Artists: Maria Sanapo & Mario Torrisi

Sheena and Chano are confronted by face stealers. Creatures that assume the likeness of people than kill them. The two manage to fight off the creatures and run away. They lead them to the venom blossoms. While the blossoms attack the face stealers they slip out. So they notice that the Cadwell strip mining operation is already started. The mercenaries are about to attack the village when Sheena comes with proof that their surveyor is dead. They quickly find out that the mercenaries have no interest in keeping their part of the deal. So Sheena lies and tells them of the vast gold inside the temple. This stops them for a moment. Long enough for them to discover the danger of the face stealers. For the mining operation has released them into the jungle.

So the series gets a new artist team. I like there style better. Not so gloomy and dark. Also the story is picking up with the conflict with the mercenaries. The discovery of the face stealers and the threat they pose to the jungle. Even Chano is starting to grow on me.

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