“Of Captives and Cannibals…Scavengers and Kings!”
Writer: Michael Fleisher
Artist: Ron Randall

The mysterious blonde is now revealed to be Power Girl from the surface. She recently found out that she is descended from Arion and is going to New Atlantis to find out her heritage. Along the way her ship is attacked by the Scavenger and his scorpion ship. She starts to tear into it but the Scavenger shoots at the ship and tears it in two. Power Girl abandons attacking him to save the ship. She brings it to an island and helps repair it before going to the abandoned city of New Atlantis.

Tara is heading back and is attacked by Y’smalla. She uses her technology from Desaad to subdue her. Morgan is worried about Tara and heads out to look for her. He saves a young girl from a creature and brings her to her village. The villagers attack Morgan because of Desaad’s success in tarnishing his reputation and they think he is there to rob them. Luckily a man that Morgan rescued from Desaad vouches for him. Redmond is about to get sacrificed to a pagan god and manages to break free using his hidden grenades. Jennifer is still recovering and Mariah decides to go back to Russia. At the end Morgan returns to Shamballah and finds Machiste. Machiste thinks Morgan is toying with Mariah’s emotion and beats him up then rides off declaring their friendship over.

So the series is getting multiple plot threads. All of them have some interest. Morgan has to deal with his ruined reputation thanks to Desaad. We now find out the blonde is Power Girl and why she is in Skartaris. Tara is a captive. Machiste is pissed at Morgan. Mariah is going home to Russia. Hopefully the issue will tighten up the multiple plot threads. Too much can be hard to follow. Also the first part of this issue felt like a superhero book with the battle between Power Girl and the Scavenger. I like superhero books but not in Warlord which is a unique different world. This definitely was the downward slide this series was going through.

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