“I Never Met an Ape I Didn’t Like”
By Tony Isabella

An editorial for this issue. Most of it deals with the fact that they couldn’t find a picture of Michael Wilson for this interview.

“The Forbidden Zone of Forgotten Horrors!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Mike Ploog

Jason and Alexander have escaped and hide in a tree. Jason wants to go to the Forbidden Zone and find the Lawgiver. Alex wants to go back and convince Xavier the leader that they are innocent. Alex wins and they go back. During this time the funeral for Brutus’s wife is being conducted and Jason loses it and denounces Brutus. So they have to flee the gorilla police. They lead their pursuers to the secret Ape Supremacist camp but the guards kill the pursuing police. Then Brutus will use this to further pin on Jason. So the two head off into the Forbidden Zone. There in the ruins they find some hybrid ape-humans that are being captured by machines. They follow the machine back and find mutants building war machines. They are discovered and flee. At the end Brutus’s ape supremacists are coming and the two are caught between mutants and apes.

“The City of the Apes”
By Ed Lawrence

An article on building the Ape City for the movie.

“Simian Genesis”
By Gary Gerani

An article on comparing the book with the movie. He makes some good observations on the difference between books and movies in general.

“Michael Wilson: The Other Apes Writer”
By David Johnson

An interview with the other co-writer of the movie screenplay. Wilson is credited for the satirical humor in the movie. It also goes on about how he got started in writing and his other projects.

“Chapter Two: World of Captive Humans”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: George Tuska and Mike Esposito

Taylor is captive of the apes. His throat is damaged and can’t talk. Dr. Zira is the only one who seems sympathetic to humans and he tries to communicate with her. Dr. Zaius seems to have taken an interest in Taylor. Once he erases a message he wrote in the dirt. Finally Taylor manages to grab Zira’s notebook and write that his name is Taylor.

The second issue is another strong entry. The original Terror story is coming along nicely. They have established that Brutus is effectively in control of Ape City. They introduce a new mutant race that does not look up to any good. Ends with a cliffhanger.

The articles and interview were also interesting and informative about the apes movies. Sometimes these could be just padding for the magazine but in this series they are as interesting as the stories.

Finally the adaptation is sticking to the movie. Nothing really new but still an enjoyable addition.

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