Writers: Marguerite Bennett and Christina Trujillo
Artists: Moritat and Dimi Macheras

Sheena finds some guy wandering around and thinks he is the missing surveyor. Instead he is some student from the university. He is there to expose Cadwell for exploiting the off limits Zona Prohibita. Sheena is disappointed because she wasted time tracking him who is obviously a wimpy guy. He does have information on the missing surveyor so gets to accompany Sheena in finding him. They run into a pride of jaguars and Sheena manages to find out more info on the missing surveyor. The two stumble upon the ruins from the lost people The Lords of Paitaiti. She doesn’t like trespassing on the site and we find out for good reason. Deadly plants known as the Death Blossoms are secreting a hallucinogen to lull them so it can kill them.

So this issue was a mostly talky one. Still we get some more information on whats going on. Seems Cadwell has done the lost surveyor before as an excuse to wipe out villages. It has some intriguing possibilites with death plants and ancient ruins. This seems to have adopted the basic world that De Souza created for the character but ignores what was done in other comics. I find that not a bad idea. The character could use a new reboot. Too bad they still follow the pattern of teaming Sheena up with some wimpy soy boy.

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