Writer: Peter David
Artist: Edu Menna

Kali comes back to the Pegasus and finds out that Cain has arrested his daughter. She seems to understand and goes to her room. There she is reunited with Iblis who is her lover. We find out that Kali is the one who created the Cylons and planned to use them to conquer the galaxy. The technology she found has enabled Iblis to have powerful mind control. Meanwhile old Galactica has issued an ultimatum to the new Galactica. Give up Athena for questioning. Bill Adama has no intention of complying and issues the order for Omega Protocol. The two Viper squads meet and both Starbucks have a playful dogfight. Athena is left behind because she might surrender to avoid all the fighting. Sheba manages to escape from her cell.

So we finally get some more insight into the mysterious Kali. Its obvious that she was evil and now it is confirmed. Also seems her plan to set the two Galactica’s against one another is a success. Otherwise a light issue that is getting ready for the final climax.

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