Writers: Marguerite Bennett and Christina Trujillo
Artists: Moritat and Dimi Macheras

Sheena is out shooting down drones with her arrows. She then arrives at her village and finds armed mercenaries from Cadwell Industries. They are looking for a lost surveyor and have found a piece of his clothing. Sheena and her animal friends come and stop the mercenaries from killing the villagers. She comes to an agreement to find the missing surveyor in three days. Otherwise the mercenaries will start killing the villagers. Sheena goes and tracks down some man who is walking by a river.

So the first issue of Sheena is OK. It seems to start out slow. I think the mercenaries are a little too evil. I don’t think corporate mercenaries would cause so much trouble for a missing surveyor. As for the art I think Sheena looks beautiful but I wish there was more color. Everything is so brown and dark. It could use some more brighter colors. A slow start but I am keeping an open mind.

2 thoughts on “SHEENA QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE #1

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