Writer: Peter David
Artist: Johnny Desjardins

The two crews of the Battlestars start to get to know their counterparts. The Tighs explore how each Battlestar functions. The Starbucks frak and Starbuck gets into a fight with Starbucks husband for fracking his wife. The wormhole opens up and the Pegasus returns. It brings with it Kali who wants to meet the Adamas. It also brings Count Baltar who goes and finds Gaius Baltar’s cell. He offers him a chance to escape if he comes with him. Six advises against it but Gaius decides to take the other Baltar’s offer.

So this issue is mostly taking the time to explore the interactions between the two crews. Obviously the two have some culture shock since one has the social mores of the seventies and the other that of the twenty-first century. Starbuck is very shocked how Kara Starbuck is so casual about her infidelity. A humorous moments is that the curse Felgercarb is a toothpaste in one universe and gets a reaction that when Starbuck utters it that “This is when he wants to brush his teeth.” There is also the mysterious Kali who seems to have a mysterious agenda and also is responsible for the wormhole. A bigger mystery is how Baltar managed to get on the Pegasus and what his plans are. So far an interesting series.

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