Writer: Peter David
Artist: Johnny Desjardins

The Galactica and the fleet are pulled through a wormhole. On the other side they literally collide with another Galactica. After they untangle the ship’s Commander Adama with Apollo and Starbuck go over to the other Galactica. There they meet Admiral Adama and President Roslin and the other crew. Introductions are made and some surprise that Apollo and Starbuck are named after the call signs of Lee and Kara. Suddenly they notice that Apollo looks like Zarak and have the group arrested. They think that Apollo and Zarak may be skin jobs. A medical test reveals otherwise. At the end the Pegasus is being lead into the wormhole by the alien Kali.

So the second issue starts off strong. There is the mistrust that is there and not helped with the one crew thinking Apollo is a skin job. They manage to keep both crews in character. Apollo wonders why they need a different name to fly. There is some flirting between the Starbucks. The only complaint is the artist draws President Roslin looking like a twentysomething. She should look older to be believable as President. Otherwise a solid issue and look forward to the next.

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