“When A Legend Dies”
Writer: Michael Fleisher
Artist: Ron Randall

The peasants in a village are being taxed to death when the Warlord shows up. He organizes the peasants into an army to overthrow the baron. Only he betrays the peasants and leads them into an ambush. Morgan was paid by the baron. We later find out it is Desaad using technology to impersonate Morgan. He is doing his master Darkseid’s biding to discredit the Warlord. Desaad is ambushed by a female Vashek and he reveals himself to make an alliance.

Meanwhile Morgan, Shakira and Mariah are in the castle of V’zaar Hagar-Zinn. Morgan finds a scroll on the floor and figures out it was left by Zinn as a clue. They recite the spell and are transported to Zinn who is captive of demon. The demon is in another dimension and plans to steal their life force to invade Skartaris. Morgan and his companions manage to free Zinn and make it to the portal. Zinn stays behind and sacrifices his life to close the portal. Meanwhile Tara wonders what to do about the spreading aging disease. On the surface CIA agent Redmond manages to torture out the location of Skartaris from the tourist back in the annual.

This issue and the next is a crossover with the Legends mini-series. A concept where The Phantom Stranger and Darkseid debated the strength of legends. Not really familiar with it since the Warlord is the only place I ever ran into the series. It is here that DC decided to merge the Warlord with their universe. I think this was a big mistake. Warlord just doesn’t gel with superheroes. I know it was made to increase exposure and sales but I think it hurt the title in the end.

So about the story. Not too bad. It was fast paced and seems to finally be moving the plot along after a long and plodding quest. The concept of Desaad going about to destroy the Warlord’s reputation has some merit. The aging disease is spreading so we finally have some serious tension. The introduction of a female Vashek is also intriguing. She seems real bitter at the loss of her mate by Morgan. And the CIA subplot also holds some possible future interest. Finally there is a sense that something big is finally approaching. Not a bad issue.

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