Writer: Peter David
Artist: Johnny Desjardins

The Battlestar Pegasus has just destroyed the Cylon bases in an epic battle. Then they warped away. Now the ship is damaged in an unknown part of space. The Galactica probably thinks they were destroyed. So while repairing the ship they get a distress call. It is from a strange lizard woman. She wants help and claims to know the location of Earth. So Cain goes down to the planet which is hollow. There he finds the woman who claims to be a Cylon. The race that created the machines. Just then Cylon raiders attack the Pegasus. They are there for the woman. Meanwhile the Galactica is also battling Cylons. The Cylons seem a bit different but the Vipers hold their own. Suddenly a wormhole opens up and pulls the fleet into it.

So this is a fascinating idea. Take the old cheezy seventies Chariots of the Gods show and combine it with the post 9/11 allegory gritty re-imaging. Only in comics could this happen. I am a fan of both versions so I am intrigued with the concept. So far it has my interest. The mysterious woman of the Cylon race is an interesting idea. So far we have only seen the one universe. The next issue should have the meeting of the Galacticas and really start to move along.

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