Writer: David F. Walker
Artist: Lalit Kumar Sharma

Ursus is alienating the ape council with his harsh words and actions. Indeed he is starting to get the gorilla army mobilized for an invasion of the Forbidden Zone. In a flashback we see his time during the human attacks. He is part of the survivors that make it to Terminus to find it captured by humans. His foster father gets everyone jumped up with his fundamentalist rhetoric and they attack the village. The humans are killed but Ursus’s foster father is wounded. Ursus also falls in love with Qama. Sgt. Moench and his squad are in the Forbidden Zone when the mutants cause them to black out. Moench finds himself naked and manages to escape only he is mad.

This issue dealt with showing why Ursus is so filled with hate and fear for humans. It also had a very tender side to him as he falls in love. So in spite of his actions you still feel for the guy. We also see the beginnings of the military dictatorship that forms after the first movie and why they march into the Forbidden Zone with an army.

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