Writer: Ryan Ferrier
Artist: SL Gallery

Mike Power has managed to tear out the Cobra implants in Steve’s head. Now the Bionic man is back in control and ready to payback Cobra. Only Cobra had a plan B. They set off the atomic reactor in Steve’s bionic arm. Soon it will blow and kill thousands. The only option is for Steve to get on the rocket glider he was using before and get away from the island. He does this and there is a big atomic explosion in the atmosphere. Steve manages to escape. He removed the arm and tied it to the rocket glider. Then jumped into the sea.

Meanwhile in Switzerland Scarlet manages to defeat the twins Tomax and Xomat with her bolos. Snakes Eyes kicks Shadow Storm’s butt. Seeing his henchmen defeated Cobra Commander makes his escape. The explosion of Steve’s arm knocks out the electronics in the plane and it crashes. But Cobra Commander escapes the crash to cause trouble for another day.

The ending for this series was quite satisfying. Steve is brought back to being good. We have what looks like his self-sacrifice but he figured out a way to survive and save the day. Snake Eyes easily shows he is one badass and Scarlet also defeats the sadistic creepy twins. Seems sadism and overconfidence are the downfall for Cobra. This combined two properties that I remember fondly. I just love these kooky team-ups they are doing nowadays. Only disappointment is I would have liked to see Mike Powers fly with his spinning helicopter blade using his spinning hand. Well maybe next time.

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