Writer: Ryan Ferrier
Artist: SL Gallant

Steve Austin is continuing the beat up General Hawk as the other hide out in a bank. The Baroness is gloating on her easy victory. In Switzerland the team led by Scarlett is making good progress moving up the Infinity Tower. They start to just use their rifle butts or fists on the Cobra robots to conserve ammo. Snake Eyes manages to take over the control room. The team makes quick progress but runs into the twins Tomax and Xamot who beat down the Joes. Snake Eyes finds himself confronted by this old ninja brother Storm Shadow.

On the Frisian isles just as Steve is about to deliver the finishing blow to Hawk, helicopters come to the rescue. They carry Mike Power the Atomic Man and some more Joes. The two bionic men fight and Power manages to tear off the Cobra implants in Steve’s head.

So the tide of battle is turning in the Joes favor. Once again it is exciting to see my old childhood buddy Mike Power make an appearance. I thought he was forgotten all these years. He even wears the old Adventure Team logo on his shirt. A fun stroll down memory lane.

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