Writer: David F. Walker
Artist: Chris Mooneyham

Landon the captive astronaut is going nuts. He babbles on that this is all some sort of oxygen depraved hallucination. This gets Ursus angry and he decides to start beating the information he wants out of Landon. This fractures his skull and so we find out the origin of how he got his surgical lobotomy. Ursus then goes to assemble a group of gorilla soldiers to scout the Forbidden Zone for other humans.

In flashbacks we find out about Ursus. He was an orphan whose guardian was a traveling fundamentalist gorilla. It was him that instilled the hatred for humans. They come on a village of apes that was destroyed by humans. There are two survivors a young Zaius who was traveling with his mentor and a young gorilla who I believe becomes Ursus’s wife.

So the story expands some more on Ursus’s history and experiences. So far the story ties in perfectly with the movie and answers what happened between the scenes. Ursus is shown to have vulnerabilities like loneliness for his departed wife. We are introduced to more aggressive humans in this world as well as other ape settlements. The story reveals much but still brings up new stuff that the reader is interested in finding out. I am really pleased how this series is going.

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