Writer: Ryan Ferrier
Artist: SL Gallant

Oscar Goldman is with the military at the Pentagon debating the current crisis. The military want to destroy Steve Austin but Oscar is convinced that he is under some kind of mind control. Sgt. Mainframe suggests implementing Protocol: Powerplay. Meanwhile at the downed Air Force One the Joes are under siege by the Baroness with Steve and Cobra soldiers. A team lead by Scarlett and Snake Eyes head off to hi-jack a Cobra jet and fly to Switzerland. General Abernathy distracts Cobra by challenging Steve to a one on one fight. Steve agrees and proceeds to kick the general’s ass. This allows the other Joes to get the world leaders to safety. The other Joes arrive in Switzerland and start to assault the Infinity Tower and find Cobra Commander already waiting for them. At the end Goldman is introduced to Powerplay. It is another bionic man named Mike Power The Atomic Man.

Well this is a typical action filled G.I. Joe comic. The guys and girls don’t let a little thing like being outnumbered slow them down. Steve does seem to be completely under the control of Cobra. The big surprise for me at the end was the reveal of Mike Power. This is a classic action figure when G.I. Joe action figures were a lot bigger. I had a Mike Power figure. He was an obvious rip off of The Six Million Dollar Man. He had clear bionic legs and a bionic arm. Came with his own helicopter blade that could spin with his bionic arm. Had a bionic eye you could look through. They have him here in his trademark brown Bermuda shorts and flower pattern shirt. They should have more retro characters from the seventies. I would love a series based on those old toys. I think it would sell.

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