“The Secret of Skyra III”
Writer: Michael Fleisher
Artist: Ron Randall

Morgan and Shakira are cutting their way through a swamp when they come on some crocodile-men attacking a blond woman. Morgan comes to the rescue and takes out the evil crocodile-men. The woman Asmara is very grateful. She comes from Skyra III and was on a quest to save her father. She needs some crucial ingredients and offers Morgan the use of their flying belts if he helps. Morgan need these for his quest so agrees. First he has to battle a bear for some lichen. Then a flying giant insect for a flower. Pterosaurs come from the city and take then up.

So in the city Morgan and Shakira find out that Asmara’s father is fine. The whole thing was a scavenger hunt. The inhabitants of Skyra III have grown decadent from being waited on by robots. They decide to kill Morgan and Shakira which is a big mistake. Morgan fights his way to the engine room and disables the anti-grav generator. The two grab some flying belts and leave as the city sinks to the ground. In the subplot Mariah and Machiste are rescued by a passing fishing boat. They find out about N’dosma’s tyrany. Machiste has the boat drop them off outside Kiro so they can sneak in through the drain. Only the entrance is guarded by men loyal to D’dosma.

This was a fun issue. Fleisher gives us a good solid nostalgia for the Grell years. We get another Skyra but this one is inhabited by douchbags instead of a cannibalistic cyborg. Once again Morgan jumps to conclusions and rescues a beautiful woman who is not the good guy. Another popular Grell story element. Good mix of modern futuristic tech and primitive men and creatures. The subplot with Machiste and Mariah is also progressing nicely. The only complain is that Mariah is a bit of a whiner and still obsesses about Morgan. Also nice to see some concern from Morgan about how slow the quest is going. This quest is dragging a bit and needs to get moving. Otherwise a good solid issue.

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