“Savage Tales Vampirella”
Writer: Erik Burnham
Artists: Anthony Marques, J. Bone, Fernando Ruiz, and Daniel Hor

Vampirella wakes up in a strange world. Four men are trying to kill her and are controlled by some powerful being. She kills the first three then mind controls the fourth. She finds out that their ruler Ankimu sensed a dangerous presence and ordered them to kill anyone they found at this location. So Vampirella goes to the city of Gharad. She finds a nice place where everyone is happy. Suddenly the people are under the mind control of Ankimu and take Vampirella to his throne room. There a snake-man wants to marry Vampirella. When she refuses he sics the guards on her but they are easy to defeat. So Ankimu turns into a giant snake but Vampirella still manages to tear his head off. She decides to remain as queen to help the people of this city.

Writer: Doug Murray
Artist: Lui Antonio

A warrior comes back to find his village destroyed. He meets a mysterious hooded woman named Valaka. She tells how she is hunting the wizard who did this. So they join forces to rescue the women and children taken. They come to a castle and battle the zombies that guard it. Inside they find the wizard has sacrificed some of the women and is going to sacrifice the warrior’s betrothed. They have to fight a demon but their combined strength manages to kill it. Then Valaka snaps the neck of the wizard. Valaka then reveals she is a vampire and drains the warrior of his blood. Then feeds on the bound betrothed. Seems she was protecting her source of food.

So every once in a while you get these off the wall single titles released. Having Vampirella on a barbaric world fighting barbarians and sorcery is a pretty cool concept. I love that the cover replicates the original Conan cover from the first cover.. It left the possibility of future stories and hopefully maybe a new Savage Tales series starring Vampirella. I would buy that.

The second story is a reprint from the first Dynamite Savage Tales series. That was a good series and this story was a bit dark. It ending in a very surprising way with the woman being an evil vampire. You were expecting the warrior to be reunited with his betrothed and not killed. A good story and I do remember that old series had a strong lineup of mainly Robert Howard characters. Once again I support the revival of Savage Tales and hope this leads to it.

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