Writer: Ryan Ferrier
Artist: Carlos Magno

The raptors have escaped and are causing untold death and destruction in Ape City. General Ursus and his troops rally and start to kill the raptors. The last ones are attacking a cage of humans with Ni’ta inside. The apes start to attack with a flamethrower. Kong sees his friend being attacked and breaks loose from his cage. He scoops up the girl and goes on a rampage of Ape City. Ursus and his troops manage to drive it into the Forbidden Zone and plan to follow to hunt it down. Zaius is condemned by the council while Dr. Milo and Lucius discover a dead human astronaut at the dead sea.

So this issue has been a real disaster for the apes. The raptors killed a bunch of apes. Zaius is the scapegoat for the mess. Ursus is coming out looking like a hero for defeating the raptors and Kong. Considering its all his fault that is a stroke of luck for Ursus. In a lot of ways this is the same as King Kong. He gets angry at the treatment of the girl and breaks out of his cage then goes on a rampage. Have a feeling its heading toward a conclusion at the Empire State Building.

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