“Dr. Quake”
Writer: Will Murray
Artists: Rik Levins and Chris Ivy

A man meets a mysterious death in a cave in California. Seems the local chamber of commerce in San Aquino are being extorted by a Dr. Quake. In exchange for earthquake insurance they won’t get killed by an earthquake. So CURE sets up Remo as the new owner of a department store. Remo finds out the local sheriff is the bag man for Dr. Quake and sets up a meeting. He brings along Chiun who gets angry at the sheriff for him calling him a chink. He is Korean not Chinese and kills the man. Then they take out the other men except one. He doesn’t know anything so Chiun takes him out.

They then visit Dr. Smith’s contact a Dr. Forben. Forben has developed a water laser that is designed to prevent earthquakes. He also has a hot daughter named Jacki who Remo makes a date with. She takes him to a cave and tries to kill him with the water laser. Chiun rescues him and they go to confront the father. Only its the twin daughter who is also in on the extortion. She sets off the water laser to destroy California but Chiun manages to stop the machine and kills the twin in the process. Dr. Forben doesn’t seem to care that his daughter’s are dead but wants to continue his experiments. Chiun induces a heart attack so his experiments don’t endanger the world.

“Warren Murphy Speaks”

An interview with Warren Murphy the co-creator of the Destroyer series. He tells how while working in politics in New Jersey he met a reporter named Richard Sapir. The two became friends and wrote this idea they discussed into a book. A good thing the series was a success since everyone Murphy was working with was put in jail. Deciding writing was better than the seedy world of New Jersey politics he when into it full time. He tells how the characters came about and how the two wrote the books. His take on the movie and TV pilot and the ghost writers that were hired for the series including his wife and this comics writer Will Murray. A very interesting and informative interview.

So this is the last issue in the series. I really think the series ended on a high note. All the stories were excellent and the interview confirmed that they are faithful to the book series. Which just makes me want more to check them out some day in the future. Too bad it didn’t last but I suppose the big black and white magazines were just not something that there was a market for. Indeed the long running Savage Sword of Conan came to an end a few years later. I would like to see a revival of this format. I think it would meet with success. So I thank Marvel for introducing me to this fascinating adventure series that has sold over 30 million books.

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