“While Valusia Sleeps”
Writer: Alan Zelenetz
Artist: John Buscema

Kull and Gonra are out hunting boar. They get some very aggressive boars and Gonra shows that he is indeed an equal to Kull. So after a feast two unsavory characters manage to convince drunk Gonra to pull out the sword that seals King Eallal room. They hope to get treasure. What they find is serpent-men and the evil spirit of Eallal. Gonra fights the serpent-men but the spirit goes to Kull’s room. It manages to take over the guards and have them kill each other. Kull knows the proper words to make sure Eallal is banished. He runs to the room and finds Gonra and the door open. As he goes in Gonra locks the door and he is confronted by serpent-men. Kull easily kills them then Gonra who was a serpent-man in disguise. Gonra comes to the rescue with the palace guard. Kull plans to cleanse the room with fire and seal it with bricks. Meanwhile Brule is captive of the evil shaman who has taken over his tribe. The fair Daphna is still in a love sick coma. A wizard manages to stabilize her but only the love of Kull will wake her.

So this is the final issue in the third and last run of Kull for Marvel. It ended on a fairly dull note. The story was mediocre. It also seems unfinished. What of the fair Daphne and her lovesick coma? What was the fate of Brule? Does he free his tribe from the evil shaman? Unanswered questions. Perhaps it was continued in the Savage Sword but I can’t remember. When we get to those issues maybe we will find out. For now it is over. This series started out so strong it is a shame to end on such a dull note. This would be the last that Kull ever got a series from Marvel. Although he did appear in the black and white Savage Sword of Conan. He also made an appearance in Dark Horse and just recently for IDW so Kull is not forgotten.

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