Writer: Ryan Ferrier
Artist: Carlos Magno

The apes have captured Kong and bring him ashore. They also brought a bunch of raptors that Ursus wants to train as weapons. Ape City is falling apart. The chimpanzees are protesting wanting humans to have rights. Zaius believes that Kong will show all apes that they are the chosen ones. Zira is banned from the council for her opposition and seriously thinks her life is in danger. Ni’Ta is held captive with the other humans. Things are not going well with training the raptors. Two apes have already been killed. Ursus insists on continuing and shoots a gorilla who resists him. In the scuffle the raptors are released and descent on Ape City.

So Kong is back in the land of talking apes and seems broken. You really feel sympathy for the guy. He looks so sad. Zaius weaves a fanciful tale of liberating Kong from evil humans. He truly believes that Kong will unite the apes around his vision of ape superiority. Ursus has actually killed an ape and has a one track mind in developing trained raptors. He also wants to mount another expedition back to the island to eventually colonize it. Ends in a disaster with starving raptors set free. Another excellent entry in this unique crossover series.

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