“Bride of Yaug!”
Writer: Michael Fleisher
Artist: Ron Randall

Morgan, Shakira and Daimon are crossing a desert when they are attacked by sand squids. The squids take the pack horse but the three manage to get to rocky ground. They then have to weather a sandstorm but come upon a city. When they enter the city looks abandoned but they are attacked by green bald men. The leader stops the attack and welcomes the travelers. They are given a meal and place to sleep. Morgan wakes up from the aftereffects of the drugged food and finds Shakira gone. He wakes up Daimon and follow the chanting of Yaug. The men are the sons of Yaug and sacrificing Shakira to a bull-man. Morgan battles Yaug as Daimon frees Shakira. Morgan throws a flaming cauldron which starts the stone? building to burn. Soon the whole city is on fire as the three race away. Meanwhile Machiste is subjected to watching Mariah be executed by the wizard-priests of Unmschall. it is an illusion but this breaks Machiste. Mariah manages to ambush her guards and with a captive guard free Machiste. They force the captive to assemble the skeleton crew and boat but as they leave a giant water man attacks them.

So this issue starts out intriguing. It has a feel of the old Grell days. But it soon just turns into a hackneyed cult that sacrifices women to a bull-man. And what the hell kind of stone is the city made of? It bursts into flame like dry brush. There is some moments like the dream where Morgan had of discovering his daughter aged and the final panel where he is worrying about her. Its about time he started to be concerned for Jennifer. So far he just wanders around without a care in the world. There should be a sense of urgency to his quest which has been lacking.

The subplot with Machiste and Mariah continues to show potential. This weird island that likes to torture people has great possibilities. The way they broke Machiste was believable and I loved to see Mariah back to her old bad-ass self.

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