“On Vacation…Welcome to the Jungle!”
Writer: Troy Vevasis
Artist: Alexandar Jovic

As Mr. Crypt goes to work he finds an envelop on his doorstep. Its from the mayor’s office and has a ticket with a letter telling Mr. Crypt that he deserves a vacation. The ticket is for a visit to an uncharted tropical island. Mr. Crypt is all ready for a vacation. With Baron Rat’s help he gets his vacation look which is a flower pattern shirt, straw hat and of course his mustache.

So he finds himself on a boat as the only passenger. Indeed there is only one crew member a Captain Bartholomew Candlewax. Candlewax lied about the vacation. He needed help in stealing a golden skeleton from the natives and heard of Mr. Crypt’s reputation as a vampire hunter. So his vacation is turning out to not be all that great. He worries about Baron Rat that he might be lonely. Far from it as the rat is partying with all his animal friends.

So on the island the two find a doll and this springs a trap that captures Candlewax. Crypt hides as the natives come and take the captain away and start to burn him at the stake. Mr. Crypt finds the golden skeleton only its a regular skeleton with gold paint. He gets the idea to paint himself gold and scare the natives. This works but the cheap paint fades quickly and the two run for their lives. Safely on board the two depart and Mr. Crypt arrives home needing a vacation from his vacation. The place is a mess and Baron Rat is passed out with a cowboy hat. At first Crypt thinks someone robbed the place and forced Baron to wear the cowboy hat. Then he hears about the party and is relieved. Baron Rat cleans up the place.

The final issue in the limited series was as lovable as the first two. I really do enjoy this series. It just makes you feel happy. I still get a kick out of how nobody recognizes him as a walking skeleton just because of the mustache. I know that Baron Rat is getting a one-shot special later this year so I have a feeling we haven’t heard the last in the adventures of Mr. Crypt.

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