Writer: Alan Zelenetz
Artists: John Buscema and Marie Severin

The big masquerade is about the begin. Two conspirators are waiting for their contact who finally arrives. It is Redondo with the costumes the two are to wear. They are the kill Kull at the ball. As Ridondo leaves he is knocked out and his costume taken by a man who wants to kill Baron Kaanuub. Brule has decided to leave for his homeland. He feels he has grown soft in decadent Valusia. On the way out of the city he comes upon Ridondo who tells him of the plot. They manage to get to the ball in time to arrest Kaanuub and stop the assassins.

Well this was a so-so issue. Kaanuub is exposed for his plotting against Kull. Ridondo was a surprise. It starts out with him part of the conspiracy. Of course it was a ruse to expose the plot. It was a poor plot that was uncharacteristic of Kaanuub. He usually is careful to never be associated with any plot. So at the end Brule is still committed to leave for home and Kull now knows that not everything is as safe as he thought. An OK issue but nothing that stood out in what has been a very excellent run for this incarnation so far.

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