Writer: Ryan Ferrier
Artist: Carlos Magno

It is after the events of the first movie and Dr. Zaius is leading an expedition. He is going to blow up the Statue of Liberty. When they get there they are surprised to find a giant ape wasted on shore. Zaius enlists Zira and Cornelius to perform an autopsy. Soon after Zaius convinces the council to mount an expedition to find the origin of the giant ape. He hopes that this discovery will united the apes who are now fragmented after their experience with a talking human.

So Zaius who has old human newspapers and maps knows the location of Skull island. With Zira, Cornelius, Ursus and twenty gorilla soldiers they set sail. They stop in Kenya and find a peaceful ape village. The village confirms they are on the right path. As they approach the island they are attacked by a giant octopus and pterodactyl. The gorilla soldiers fight off these creatures. In the distance they hear the roar of a giant ape.

This is probably the most anticipated new series this year I was looking forward to. Another off the wall crossover that I was very curious on how they would accomplish this. Actually it seems like a logical idea to combine these two famous ape properties and Boom does have the rights to both. So far it has a logical story and keeps within the apes mythology. Looking forward to see where this takes me.


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