“Moon Beast”
Writer: Michael Fleisher
Artist: Jerry Bingham

Morgan is passing through a village during a time when the moon is passing by. A rare sight in the world of Skartaris. He finds out the streets are empty because a big white tiger is roaming and attacks him. It looks like the end but the moon leaves and the light drives the tiger away. He finds out from the people that the tiger comes from a wizard. It just so happens the wizard’s castle is along the way so he decides to check it out. Inside the castle he finds a young woman Tamara who has been turned into a werecat. Seems her uncle has an obsession with turning women into cats. The last place they lived the villages drove them out because he was stealing women for his experiments.

Well the uncle and his goons manage to capture Morgan. The uncle is going to use the prism that turned Tamara into a werecat on him. The moon though turns Tamara who breaks out of her room and kills her uncle as they both fall to their deaths. At the end Shakira comes riding up to Morgan. Morgan notices she wears the same collar that the wizard’s experiments wore and tears it off. Meanwhile Machiste and Mariah are heading to Kiro. They are ambushed by assassins and knocked into a raging river and carried downstream.

Well this story was an interesting one. Tamara is somewhat dumb. I mean her uncle is turning women into cats. He gives her a collar that he uses for his experiments and she doesn’t get what her uncle is doing. Fleisher decided to sort of give an implied origin for Shakira. I think that Grell probably had something more interesting in mind. Too bad he never revealed it. So we must wonder about the origin of Shakira. The side plot with Machiste and Mariah has some great potential. Their own quest for Machiste to reclaim his throne was a good idea but didn’t live up to its full potential as we will see in future issues.

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