“Goblin Moon”
Writer: Alan Zelenetz
Artist: John Buscema

It is the night of the Goblin moon in Valusia. Once a night goblins come down from the moon and try to tempt people with their heart’s desire. Once they succumb the goblins drag them back to their tower to torture for all eternity. Brule has been tasked with bringing back the daughter of a noble who has stayed out too late. As they go back to the City of Wonders night falls. The goblins come and tempt the two. The girl with flowers fragrance that will never age her. Brule with a golden spear to be a great warrior.

At the palace a masquerade ball is being organized by Baron Kaanuub for the upcoming wedding. When Brule doesn’t come back with the girl Kull goes out to find them. He finds them in the thrall of the goblins who then try to tempt Kull. They offer him great knowledge but he rejects their false offerings. So the goblins toss him into the waters of madness where he battles images of tigers. Kull escapes and ignores the false images they throw at him. Finally the sun comes up and the goblins flee back to their tower which disappears. Brule and the girl have no memory of the night as they head back home.

Well this was a weird story. I liked it. A new idea to have goblins come once a night to terrorize the people. Naturally Kull is immune to such temptations. What being a badass barbarian. It ends with the revelation that Baron Kaanuub plots to have Kull assassinated at the masquerade. Seems he is getting a bit buddy buddy with Ridondo too. They were after all co-conspirators in the last plot. Should be interesting to see how this develops.

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