Writer: Paul Jenkins
Artist: Pascal Alixe

Things are still looking grim for the Savage Land. Arwandi of the Zebra tribe is preparing to leave for the U.N. Meanwhile the heads of Roxxon are living the high life. Seems the PR spin is going their way. Every piece of aid has their logo emblazoned on it. They are giving the Tubanti children antibiotics flavored with bubble gum. Two thirds of the tribes are burning their land for the aid they get. Ka-zar and Zabu go off to track down Torran. They find him and give him a good beating but the others of the Ether tribe shows up.

Well more depressing news. Roxxon corporation is going full blast with its PR campaign and seems to be swaying world opinion. They also are financing mercenaries through the Libyan government to control the Vibranium mines. Arwandi is going to New York and talk to the U.N which in my opinion is a total waste of time. But a new tragedy is in the making. The antibiotics that were given to the Tublanti children. Well the red dye used is causing a bad allergic reaction and now Roxxon has just killed off a species on TV. Oh and Ka-zar shows up in this from time to time but seems to be a spectator in his own title.


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