“Hell or Hyrkania”
Writers: Amy Chu & Erik Burnham
Artist: Carlos Gomez

Sonja and Wallace get a ride on Charon’s boat across the river Styx. It actually goes to the Hyborian Styx and the two find themselves in Shem. After trading for some horses the two make their way to Meru. They stop for the night and are attacked by followers of Kulan Gath. They have magic which makes them hard to kill. Luckily two woman come riding in and shoot the followers with arrows right through their forehead tattoos. It is Taya and Lera the two women that were helping Max. They tell Sonja of how Gath has taken over Meru and is harnessing the magic to rule the world. Gath also has Max a prisoner and forcing him to help. Sonja is more determined than ever to get to Meru and confront Gath.

Well they finally bring Sonja back to her time. Not a lot really happens except Sonja and Wallace wonder about what has happened since they left and traveling on horseback which Wallace can’t handle well. At the end we find out that Max is helping because Gath has threatened the people of Meru and so he helps Gath to save lives. At the end Sonja arrives so there is a big confrontation in store for next issue. So good artwork but in general a weak story with little happening. Hopefully that changes in next issue.

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