“How Many Ninjas Does It Take to Screw Up A Light Bulb?”
Writer: Will Murray
Artist: Lee Weeks

At the Pentagon a driver wait for an admiral. While waiting a ninja secretly sneaks into the limo and replaces a light bulb in the fridge. As the car comes to the White House he opens the fridge and the limo explodes. The admiral was going to the President to report on a number of mysterious deaths in the Pentagon. Cure is tasked with the investigation. So Remo and Chiun have to sneak into the Pentagon. While Remo is investigating the admiral’s office he is locked in by security for the night. It is then that he sees a ninja come out of the file cabinet and replace a light bulb. When Remo turns it on it explodes. He follows the ninja to a storeroom where a group have gathered. They have been employed by Khadaff to show that the American military is not safe in its own headquarters. He confronts them but they kick his ass and leave him for dead.

Well this embarrasses Chiun that someone he is training was defeated by mere ninjas. The ninjas stole the techniques of Sinaju and are not worthy opponents. When he hears that the leader is not wearing a mask this infuriates Chiun. So he goes off and has Remo lead him to their hiding place. Chiun manages to easily defeat the ninjas by avoiding their sword swipes and having them kill each other. The leader actually ends up chopping his own head off. So the Libyan threat is eliminated and McCleary rewards Remo with a special Chinese pizza. It has a spare rib as a garnish. Only Chiun comes and throws it in the garbage. He instead makes Remo eat duck and brown rice.

“How Not To Draw Remo Williams”
by Chiun, Master of Sinanju
Illustrations by Lee Weeks

A humorous feature that has Chiun point out all that is wrong with Remo. Also has sketches of Chiun, Dr. Harold W. Smith, Conrad MacClery and a picture of Chiun and Remo dodging bullets.

This was another fun little story. I really love the interaction between Remo and Chiun. This is what really makes the series. So ninjas are infesting the Pentagon. Popping out of filing cabinets where they patiently wait. Apparently Khaddaff will reimburse expenses including gas mileage so they save all their receipts. The guy was a nutjob but apparently quite fair when dealing with his hired assassins.

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