“A Vision of Lost Love”
Writer: Alan Zelenetz
Artist: John Buscema

The plague has subsided and Kull rides out into the country. At the small village of Durium the village is burying its dead in a mass grave. They are in an angry mood and take it out on Kull. One hothead who lost his wife tries to knife the king but is knocked down. Kull is magnanimous and spares his life. Baran Kaanuub gets the man into his scheme. He gives him a flute that will raise a demon to kill Kull.

Later at night Kull finds a beautiful woman waiting for him in his bed. The noble Lalandra planted her to distract Kull as he and two thugs come in and kill him. He was going to blame the girl for the murder and he in his zeal to avenge the king killed her. Only Kull is not taken unawares and makes short work of the fop and his two thugs. Then Kull and company hear the sounds of the evil flute. At the mass grave it raises a creature composed of hot ash. It kills the man who brought it to life and chases after Baron Kannuub. Kull comes to the rescue and lures it to the aqueduct and puts out the monster with water. The villagers praise Kull while Kaanuub worms his way out of the conspiracy.

So it looks like they dropped the extra long format and Baxter paper. The story is a good solid entry in the series. Zelenetz comes up with an enjoyable story involving Baron Kaanuub’s plot to assassinate Kull. Kull is his typical badass self as he cuts up the assassins with an ax and destroys a monster. The villagers are fickle cursing Kull in the morning and praising him in the afternoon. There have been such brilliant stories in this incarnation of the series that this one seems mediocre. Still it was enjoyable and this series shows no letup in the quality.

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