Writer: Paul Jenkins
Artist: Pascal Alixe

So the Pangea Horizon has blown and is leaking thousands of gallons of crude oil. It is seriously damaging the environment. The Tubanti an aquatic people have lost their home. As the tribes of Pangea debate what to do Torran comes and threatens anyone who collaborates with the outsiders. Charlie Moon is still trying to sell his plan for making Roxxon Oil pay carbon credits to stop them. Arwandi of the Zebra tribe is all in with the carbon credits and plans to go to New York and speak at the U.N.

So the tragedy of Pangea continues. Now we have a big oil spill that is causing oil covered pterodactyls and is killing the icthyosaurs. Roxxon oil is already putting a spin to the tragedy. That they turned over operations to the U.S. Coast Guard and are no longer responsible. The U.N. seems to be worthless. They aren’t providing any aid. The tribes are bickering and going to burn their forests to plant palm oil. Roxxon corp is really after the vibranium mines. A very depressing issue.

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