“Golden Rule”
Writer: Will Murray
Artist: Mike Manley

A salvage operation is going on just east of the Dominican republic. An old Spanish Galleon has a solid gold table. The divers bring it up but their employer Mr. Rust is more interested in the stone embedded in the table. He takes the stone and dumps the table back into the ocean. Then with an Uzi he takes out the divers.

Some time later Cure is investigating the theft of uranium. The only clue is a precious metal brokerage named Golden Rule Limited. They have been making news because they are selling off gold below 20% market at the same time buying it at full price through a shell corporation. So Remo and Chiun are sent to investigate. They soon find out that Mr. Rust is using the philosophers stone to turn lead into gold. Just add some scrapping from the stone with uranium and voila lead turns to gold. Only problem is its radioactive. So Rust is on the verge of cornering the market in uncontaminated gold. Fortunately Remo and Chium manage to overcome their bickering to put a stop to this threat to the world economy.

“You Were Cheated”

A message from Chiun about a mistake from issue one. Some pages that showed Chiun were not included and boy his the master of Sinanju pissed. So these missing pages are included. They show Chiun teaching Remo how to dodge bullets and climb walls.

The second issue was another fun one. So once again another ridiculous kooky adventure that involves a missing alchemy procedure that turns lead into gold. Only the gold is radioactive and dangerous. The relation between Remo and Chiun continues to be established. Chiun is a very demanding teacher who constantly browbeats Remo. He is supposed to only eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner with alternating days including fish and duck. No other meat. Of course Remo eats burgers whenever he can. He also is constantly trying to escape to Mexico. We also get introduced to Chiun’s love of American soap operas which he thinks is the only art ever contributed by America. I have a desire to read the books after such entertaining stories.

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