Writer: Paul Jenkins
Artist: Pascal Alixe

So the tribes of the Savage Land have united to attend a council of tribes. The Zebra People have been trying for 700 years and finally succeed. Now they have Torran of the Ether make his appearance. Torran represents a mythical tribe known as the Ether. He admits to killing members of the Rock Tribe for setting fire to the land. He warns that any tribe will suffer the same fate if they agree to work with the outsiders.

Still the blight is spreading and all the tribes are suffering from starvation. Only by growing palm oil can they get needed food. Charlie Moon has come to offer a solution. He proposes that they force the corporations to buy carbon credits. This means it would be too expensive for them to let the tribes burn the forest and they would have to use less evasive measures. Most of the primitives don’t get it but the leader of the Zebra tribe is willing to go to the U.N. and work with Moon on this proposal.

Ka-zar goes to talk to Maa-gor the man-ape. He finds out that the Ether were the second people to be created by the Atlanteans after the man-apes. He leaves and finds out that the tribes are fighting over should they torch the forest. At the end the old derelict oil rig bursts into flames. The oil company decided to cut off maintenance.

Well this was another complex story. Oh the excitement of carbon credits and how they will save everybody. The corporation which was responsible for the abandoned oil rig is also the one behind the palm oil initiative. Lots of intrigue involving the U.N., multinational corporations and public opinion. Not one of the most exciting issues in the history of Ka-zar or for that matter any comic.

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