“Like Blood from the Sky”
Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Aaron Lopresti

Back in modern times on the island of Themyscira the Amazons have finally found out where Wonder Woman has been taken. Queen Hippolyta assembles five Amazon warriors to go back in time and retrieve her daughter. A crow from the Corvidae confirms where Diana is held by taunting the Amazons. He threatens to poop on their statue but doesn’t reckon with the Amazons skill with a bow and arrow. The Amazons are transported to the city of Shamar and look for Diana. Instead they find the Corvidae and have to battle their crow monsters.

So back to Wonder Woman and Conan who are making their way to Shamar. They meet the Corvidae sisters who have captured the Amazons. They threaten to hang them with her golden lasso. As an added bonus they have found the real Yanna. Conan reluctantly tries to fight Diana to save the life of his childhood love. While they are fighting in a half-hearted way the Amazons manage to escape their bonds. One shoots one of the Corvidae sisters in both eyes. The other sister vows to make them all pay as she disappears with her dead sister and Yanna. The Amazons convince Diana to leave and return back to their time. They disappear but Diana leaves Conan her golden lasso.

Well this was an interesting development. Wonder Woman is getting her memory back and is joined by her sisters from the future. Conan meets the real Yanna and is willing to play the Corvidae’s game to insure her safety. I have a feeling that this is not the end and Wonder Woman will come back to help Conan with the final battle.

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