“War and the Wind Rider”
Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Aaron Lopresti

Conan and Wonder Woman manage to swim to a small city. Conan quickly steals a pouch of gold from a wealthy merchant and the two head to the nearest tavern. There Conan orders plenty of ale and barely cooked meat.(My kind of meal.) Wonder Woman can’t handle her ale and quickly passes out. She is barely concious to hear the romantic proposal from the tavern keeper or the various offers to buy her. She wakes up in time to fight a group of soldiers who were trying to take her. The two have no problem kicking ass and ride off on the soldier’s horses. Along the way Conan continues his story about Yanna. When they were twelve the two ran off and encountered some bandits. A fight ensues where Yanna is stabbed and falls over a cliff.

This was a fun interlude for our two heroes. Conan being Conan steals some gold and goes to the tavern to drink and eat. Amazons can not apparently hold their liquor. There was plenty of humor. The crude tavern owner who promised plenty of glorious women work like cooking, mucking out the stables etc. She wonders why she gets offers like that while Conan gets propositioned by the beautiful serving wench. Wonder Woman gets a dream which is really the Corvidae guiding her to the city of Shamar. The other sister is having the slavemaster who is under their control get ready to kill the slaves when the two arrive. The side story with young Conan and Yanna gets better with a cliffhanger literally. This team-up is working out pretty good.

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