“The Dance of the Wicked Crows”
Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Aaron Lopresti

A flashback to when Conan was twelve. He meets up again with Yanna and they goof off. Yanna kisses Conan and he has his first kiss and crush. Back in the present Conan and Wonder Woman are attacked by a great white shark after jumping off the doomed pirate ship. They manage with the chain that connects them to kill the shark and get on a piece of debris. So the two are floating endlessly when Wonder Woman notices two crows and believes land is near. The crows thought transport them to a rainy land with a strange tower in the distance. The crows transform into two woman named Aniva and Lila. They are responsible for bringing together Conan and Wonder Woman. They are bored demi-gods who wager on battles. The wanted the two to battle each other. Conan and Wonder Woman are both not good at orders and fight instead the crow creatures the two conjure up. The sisters as punishment are going to destroy the city that the two met in. Then they find themselves back on the raft. Wonder Woman is going to save the city and Conan who thinks she is his lost love Yanna will go along. At the end we finish the flashback. Yanna didn’t want to be the chief of her village and was going to run off for adventure. Conan was to accompany her.

So the story reveals the reason Wonder Woman is in this time and without memory. The sisters called the Corvidae look to be evil and formidable enemies. Interesting to see a young Conan who has his first love. He seems to really never gotten over losing his childhood love. He still insists that Wonder Woman is Yanna and refuses to give up that delusion. The two characters work well together and this is turning into a fine crossover series.

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